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Introducing The NEW 90 Seconds

We've launched our new platform for selected projects! Jump in and give it a go.


You can now manage projects and clients seamlessly in
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How It Works For Brands

Shoots Anywhere In The World!

With the click of a button you can purchase and plan shoots anywhere in the world!

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Complete Workflow

The whole video production process is managed in our simple, beautiful, easy to use cloud platform. Every single step, from Purchase to Publish.

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Access A Global Community

A global community of over 12,000 creators and gear in over 100 countries.

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100% Supported

A dedicated team of experts based in six countries working directly with you, guaranteeing success.

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How It Works For Creators

Lots of Jobs

90 Seconds so far has produced over 14,000 videos and has offered over 41,000 jobs to our creator community. 90 Seconds continues to produce 1000’s more videos. 1000’s of videos means 1000’s of jobs.

Work With Global Brands

90 Seconds is used by some of the worlds biggest brands, including Barclays, Paypal, Sony and Microsoft. We produce videos for these brands all over the world.

Everything Managed Online

The entire video production process is managed online. Everything you need is communicated, stored, reviewed and delivered in one place.

Get Paid Fast

Once you complete a job it is automatically sent for processing and payment. Less paperwork more payments faster.

Anywhere in the world!

Any type of video.

We can produce any type of video and have worked with some of the worlds biggest brands in a range of locations around the globe.

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