We’re looking for Interns!

We are looking for highly tuned Interns as we gear up for a massive product release and complete company upgrade globally.

If your driven by the possibility of working at a internet company that is changing the way video is produced globally for big brands… then we want to hear from you!

Ensure you have had a good look through our website before reaching out. Get exciting and hit us with 200% energy! We are ready for you!

As we continue to expand rapidly around the globe, the backlog of features needed in the 90 Seconds Platform are outpacing the rate at which we can add them. We are therefore looking for someone to help out on our global platform team. You will get to work in a geographically dispersed development team of full stack rails developers, front-end developers and designers.

We use Ruby on Rails to build the 90 Seconds platform and you will get to learn Rails from some super smart developers. We are looking for someone that is excited about video, is super keen to get stuck in helping add new features to the platform and will contribute to 90 Seconds, in return we will teach you the languages and technologies that we use.

90 Seconds is looking for brilliant, passionate, driven humans, who want to be part of a global journey. Our current team puts 120% into the life and values associated with working for a global internet business that aims to be the best in the world!

90 Seconds

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