Philip Bamberg


I am a native Californian, who comes from San Francisco to Auckland to embrace the cultural importance of this beautiful country through my knowledge of film, media and new technological innovations. Experienced in Filmmaking, VR, Content Creation, Directing, Producing and more. My recent works range from music videos, TV series, Youtube Series, and VR Feature Films, to creating VR short films to be used as a pitching tool for multimillion-dollar companies. Utilizing budgets ranging from zero to half a million US dollars. For ten months, I have developed exceptional local and national experience within New Zealand markets. I am self-motivated and creative individual with a strong technical background and knowledge that spreads across many production workflows. As a Producer, I have developed excellent communication and organizational skills. This allows me to work individually or as part of a team to reach high expectations on tight deadlines. While under pressure, I am remain calm and focused on promoting creative and innovative work.

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