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Sydney Video Production

Are you looking for the best places to shoot video in and around Sydney? We’ve got the locations you need to set up. Check out the locations below and start planning your video production in Sydney with 90 Seconds.

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Top Sydney Filming Destination

Observatory Hill

The Rocks

An in-city location, this particular park-based scenery is excellent for capturing verdant growth with the city as a background. From great stills at night to park scenes during the day, there's a lot you can do here no matter what scene or composition you are looking for – plus it's easy to get to for fast Sydney video production on a deadline.

Hickson Road Reserve


Hickson Road Reserve is one of the most popular spots around Sydney for a variety of shooting. You get great shots of the skyline and distant city, up-close views of the beautiful river rock formations there, and an easy glimpse of the bridge in the background whenever you want it. However, it's generally more suited for stills than live video, so some of your filming may require extra setup.

Milson's Point

If you want an up-close view of the cityscape and water, Milson's Point is the place to be. It grants you amazing views of the tallest Sydney buildings on a clear day. However, Milsons Point is right below the bridge and generally a noisy place, so prepare for that.

Hornby Lighthouse

If you want to go a little farther out for more wild, coastal shots in your Sydney video shoots, the Hornby Lighthouse is a great stop. There are multiple cliff viewpoints of the lighthouse to find the right vantage point, and the sunset/sunrise lighting is often superb. Of course, it's also very windy so come prepared!

International Boat Terminal Observatory Deck

Campbell Cove

This is a particularly great location for capturing city activity while still giving you enough free space in the vicinity to play with. You can capture the bridge, opera house, or cityscape in the background, depending on your goals. The only issue here is that docking ships can block your view – but then, maybe a ship in action is exactly what your next shot needs.

Botanical Garden

There are so many great locations in the Botanical Garden you may want to wander around just to see what works. However, Art Gallery Road is a great spot if you want to capture one of the most active highways in the city with a great cityscape framed behind. For a more placid scenario, Farm Cove's tiny bay also has great cityscape shots and pathways that can be used in many different ways for Sydney video production.

Sydney Opera House

Of course this is going to be on the list! There's a lot of vertical potential around the Opera House, but your main issue is probably going to be the crowds, which are more or less always present. Early in the morning is your best bet if you want to make a little space.

South Head Walk

The Gap

If you're looking for a wilder view of the ocean cliffs, take the trip out here and hike for a while before you find the perfect shot. The cliffside is excellent at absorbing sunlight and showing off detail, so pay close attention to the lighting here.

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