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Fashion Video Production

Creating video for the fashion industry helps bring a concept to life. Engaging images of current trends adds intrigue and ideas for the given audience. A video of this nature must be eye-catching and savvy enough to explain in just a few words the concept, design, and how it can be used in a number of ways. A fashion video should have styles for diverse groups of people, being versatile enough to understand the consumer.

Good uses of fashion video include how to put different pieces together, accessories that work, how to get a simple look for less, and how one item can work in multiple ways. Designers, retail stores, and magazines can benefit from utilizing video for fashion for new line introductions, announcing fashion-related events and more. A good fashion video creates a want for the items both in-store and from online venues.

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Massey University

Loved this project! Using the 90 Seconds Team to arrange all of the scripting and filming made my job so easy. Thanks everyone. I have very happy clients :)

Massey University

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