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Planning your video shoot in Canada is no easy task. Amateur and professional cinematographers alike are prone to become overwhelmed by the countless gorgeous spots within the country. Whether you’re looking to capture city life, the beautiful countryside, or historical spots, you’ll find it all within Canada. For inspiration, you can consider a few famous films shot in Canada including “Brokeback Mountain,” “Twilight,” “Good Will Hunting,” and “My Big Fat Greek Wedding.” Look beyond tourist traps like Niagara Falls to shoot video and instead travel to gorgeous locations nearby the metropolitan areas of Montreal, Toronto, and Vancouver.


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Top Canada Filming Destination

Distillery District

Toronto’s Distillery District is one of the most unique locations within Canada. Since 1832, it has become a historic neighborhood featuring a massive collection of Victorian era buildings. This location is perfect for historical video productions since you will delight in the ability to shoot original cobblestone walkways and stone-faced landmarks erected centuries ago.

Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery

Located in Montreal, the Notre Dame des Neiges Cemetery is one of the largest graveyards within the country. The cemetery covers over 350 acres—offering up hours of incredible video shots. Built in 1854, the cemetery has numerous historic structures and monuments. The greenery is magnificent too with over 60 species of trees including sugar maples, crab apple trees, black cherry, and eastern hemlock lining the walkways.

Stanley Park

Stanley Park has earned the nickname the “Jewel of Vancouver.” Stanley Park offers up both breathtaking mountain and harbor views. Video shoots may include images of the magnificent Vancouver city skyline or the famed Stanley Park Seawall. There are also 400 acres of natural rainforest found within the park grounds.

China Town

To film a slice of urban life, take the time to visit Toronto’s own China Town. China Town came into being due to a mass immigration of Chinese into Toronto during the late 19th century. Not only will you get a chance to meet a variety of people from all walks of life while producing your video, but you’ll also score plenty of shots of the delectable offerings from the area’s street vendors.

Underground City

Montreal’s Underground City is unlike any other locations you’ll find in the country. Made up of over 20 kilometers of tunnels, it is considered the largest subterranean structure in the world. As a way to connect to the city’s Metro line, the Underground City was created to house offices, residences, shopping complexes, hotels, theaters, and more.

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No matter where you choose to shoot video, make sure to plan out the production ahead of time. Brainstorm how the video will help you tell the story you wish to relay to the video’s audience. Although you want all of the video to look great visually once recorded, you should also consider how to make all the shots come together cohesively. Research each area to avoid issues such as heavy car and people congestion, notifying security that you will be shooting video, and capturing the best natural lighting for outdoor shots of Canadian scenery.

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