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Beauty Video Production

2017 is the year that video will actually outpace text as the number one form of online communication. It’s been said colloquially that “we live in a visual society,” but this is factually true now. As a completely visual industry that is also based on trendsetting, the beauty industry must keep pace. Here are just a few of the reasons that video will become even more important to the beauty industry in the future.

The Millennial will control the purse strings of the family.
The millennial generation does not know what a world without computers looks like. This is the generation in which the majority of people maintain at least one active social media account, and over 50% of them vlog on YouTube even if they are not trying to market a professional brand. If you are trying to market to this group (and you will be, because they will be the married breadwinners in 5 to 10 years), you must build your brand through video, because this is what they are used to seeing.

Video is the medium which allows beauty products to be shown off most readily.
In an era of instant gratification, people want to know how a product will benefit them immediately. When it comes to the beauty industry, the fastest way to show off a product feature is through video.

Video gives the best ROI.
Unlike many other forms of advertising, online video stays put indefinitely and can be shared virally for exponential reach at any point in time.

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When it comes to pulling videos together with a tight/last minute deadline or any budget video project, 90 Seconds has the solution for your needs.

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