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Market-leading workflow technology and a global network of Creators help you produce intricate videos with professional quality

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 Work with the best

Work with the best

  • Amplify the power of your own resources, or augment your agency’s team, by pulling in any of 70+ creative categories, from audio technicians to drone operators

  • Instantly match with available, skilled local crews to get your professional video rolling

  • Filter profiles by equipment, portfolio, or rating to find the exact style you have in mind

 Quality  – without breaking the bank

Quality – without breaking the bank

  • Start with a proven structure pre-designed to fit your budget, which can be easily customized with a range of add-on options

  • With 90 Seconds we scope, not quote. Your project and the team behind it are ready when you are. You control the timeline. You set the budget

  • Access controls let you set who on your brand team can approve upgrades mid-project

 Handle complex assets at scale

Handle complex assets at scale

  • Centralize footage in your asset library to easily review content and share it with your team, no matter when they join the project

  • Play and review footage directly in our app

  • Upload assets regardless of file type or size

  • Help everyone work on the latest version of the original file to reduce quality degradation and version error

 Intelligent workflow  adjusts with your project

Intelligent workflow adjusts with your project

  • Complex projects see many changes, from an added scene to an all-new brief. Easily manage the iterations with structured change requests and automatic distribution to your team

  • Your feedback funnels into an actionable list so Creators can return work to you quickly

  • Set edit or approval access controls so multiple Creators can work on your project

  • Notifications and built-in messaging alert your team when each task or asset is complete, minimizing handover time and helping everyone fulfill their role efficiently

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