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Singapore is the only island city-state in the world. Singapore is actually one larger, main island that has 62 other small islands that are part of the city-country of Singapore. One of the things that Singapore works diligently to reclaim land from the ocean, and it has increased its land mass by approximately 23%. Also, because Singapore is densely populated, it has a policy of creating large green spaces with tropical parks and gardens that are popular with natives and visitors alike. Some of the popular places to visit in Singapore include the Orchard Road district, the Singapore Zoo, Jurong Bird Park, and River Safari.

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Top Singapore Filming Destination

Orchard Road

One of the more interesting places to visit in Singapore, and a great opportunity for video production, Orchard Road is short, mile long boulevard that is considered to be both the retail and entertainment center of Singapore. This part of Singapore is one of more important tourist attractions with dozens of shops and stores. In addition to great shopping, Orchard Road recently underwent a $40 million renewal that included new street lamps, green rooms for visitors to sit and enjoy the flora, planter boxes, and other things that visitors greatly enjoy. One of the things that people greatly enjoy about Orchard Road are memorable and beautiful Christmas lights.

Singapore Zoo

The Singapore Zoo attracts about 1.7 million visitors a year. This zoo is located on 69 acres and has more than 300 different species of which 16 percent are considered endangered. One thing that visitors seem to really enjoy at the zoo are the orangutans. The zoo is home to the largest group of captive orangutans in the world. Watching these magnificent and entertaining beasts allow visitors many video production opportunities. The zoo also houses African hunting dogs, komodo dragons, white rhinoceros, two toed sloths, Nubian ibex, oriental small-clawed otters, and many other animals that give visitors chances to enjoy animals, and learn about conservation.

Jurong bird park

Another popular attraction is the Jurong bird park. This bird park is on 49 acres and is home to 350 different species. This bird park is a bird zoo that has several different exhibits that visitors enjoy. There is an African Waterfall Aviary which allows visitors to walk through an area where birds fly around them. This exhibit has 600 different birds of 50 different species, and a nearly 100 foot waterfall. Another fun place to visit is referred to as to as the World of Darkness. This exhibit is the world’s first nocturnal bird house in which 17 nocturnal bird species are on display.

River Safari

The River Safari is a park that has 10 different ecosystems from around the world that allows visitors to see animals in conditions they would be seen in naturally. These include a Nile River ecosystem, a Yangtze River ecosystem, as well as Mississippi and Amazon River and a Tundra ecosystem. Some of the animals visitors can see include jaguars, squirrel monkeys, stingrays, giant pandas, and many other animals.

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Singapore is more than a place to come and see flora and fauna, but just because it is a city-state on an island, visitors would be mistaken if they thought there would be no opportunities to see nature. In addition to all of the animals, there are also examples of wonderful Asian architecture and a great deal of history. Singapore is a great place to visit for shooting video with many different themes.

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